Loan Application Processing

Providing superior, friendly customer service to your clients utilizing electronic integration of applications, support documents, credit screening, and electronic signatures through our custom loan management software – Admin2.

Custom Credit Screening

Combining third-party CRA with custom screening criteria developed and refined through continuing analytics of applicant performance, allowing for ever improving loan portfolio performance.

Account Funding and Payment Options

Full integration with numerous financial institutions and merchant providers to provide seamless, automated, and instant funding and client payment options, complete with daily transaction and accounting reports.

Effective Collection Services

Utilizing multiple, integrated communication tools including email, text, phone calls and letters, our highly trained and dedicated staff immediately work to get delinquent customers back on track using an empathetic, yet firm approach to recover funds.

Marketing Sourcing and Integration

Optimize your marketing ROI through our detailed application tracking system that is fully incorporated within our LMS software, Admin2, which can receive third party leads and automatically send marketing messages via text and email to customers at predetermine touch points.